District Services

Constituent Services
Medi-Cal Support
Auto insurance
Consumer complaints
Unemployment support/insurance
Child support and child care
Disability insurance
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Workers’ compensation
Franchise Tax Board
Government forms and applications
Complaints about state departments
Small-business assistance

Legislative Services
Notation of bill support/opposition
Copies of legislation and laws
Status of legislation
Bill Summaries by issue area
Legislative Counsel opinions on state laws and legal issues
Legislative Committee rosters
Information on other legislators and the legislative process

Community Services
If you have an idea for a local project, or a problem with a state or local agency that is not getting solved, we can help in these ways:

Mediate between you and the government agencies or offices for support
Bring state experts into your community for technical assistance or advice on local issues
Work as a liaison between you and local, state and federal offices
Bring state administrators into your community so they hear first-hand about local needs
Visit your neighborhood or group to discuss state legislation or programs

Public Service Information
Provide handbooks and brochures on:
Consumer protection
Small business assistance
Landlord-tenant rights
Scholarship Opportunities
Credit discrimination
Senior issues
Child care and child support