Legislation 2021-2022


SB 38 Creates an extended producer responsibility program that places redemption and recycling responsibility on those who are distributing beverage containers inside California.

SB 42 Creates a six-member Board of Environmental Safety inside the Department of Toxic Substances Control and establishes the duties of the board. It also creates an ombudsperson position to receive complaints and suggestions from the public. Amendments will update and stabilize the department’s fee structure.

SB 274 Supported by the Los Angeles Sunshine Coalition and the California Taxpayers Association, this bill makes it easier, faster and cheaper for the public to receive agenda packets by requiring local agencies to email such items if a person requests them.

SB 346 Requires customers to be informed at the time of purchase if a camera is installed inside their vehicle, and would prohibit video recordings made of the interior of the car by an in-vehicle camera from being used for advertising or sold to third parties.

SB 432 Permits HOAs to have term limits if term limits are contained in the bylaws or election rules.  The bill also requires that anyone whom the inspector of election appoints to oversee the verification of signatures and tabulation of votes also meets the requirements of neutrality that are already applied to the inspector him/herself. 

SB 437 Requires the publicly owned utilities to explicitly provide for all sectors of transportation electrification, including light-, medium-, heavy-duty and on- and off-road engines, into their integrated resource plans to ensure comprehensive electricity rate design.

SB 501 Creates an extension to the deadline to file a claim under the California Tort Claims Act if the claimant was a minor or incapacitated for less than six months after the incident.

SB 531 Prohibits a creditor from selling a consumer debt unless the creditor has provided a notice to the debtor at least 30 days before selling the debt. The notice must include the amount of the outstanding debt.

SB 557 Eliminates the sunset on the treated wood waste program at Department of Toxic Substances Control. This bill also specifies that treated wood waste may only be reused if specific conditions allow.  It also requires wholesalers and retailers of treated wood and treated   wood.

SB 570 Exempts an autonomous vehicle that is designed to be operated exclusively by autonomous technology from state laws or regulations requiring installation or maintenance of equipment that supports motor vehicle operation by a human driver.

SB 651 Enhances public health for children and families by requiring a safety warning label informing consumers that synthetic food dyes are known to cause or worsen behavioral problems in children.

SB 688 Prohibits the use of “confession of judgments” in any contract.  This is a clause in a contract that basically gives the drafting party the ability to bypass the court for an alleged breach of contract and directly go after the other party to collect money.

SB 762 This is a follow up to Senator Wieckowski and Senator Hertzberg’s SB 707, passed in 2019.  It will ensure that arbitration companies’ cozy relationships with their corporate clients do not result in stalling the arbitration process or preventing consumers/employees from being able to proceed in court when fees are not paid by companies.

SB 807 Updates and enhances civil rights enforcement, while increasing government efficiency. It brings more clarity and organization to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, benefitting employees, employers, businesses and consumers.