Press Releases

Debt collectors will no longer be allowed to empty out a person's account
October 7, 2019

SACRAMENTO ­– With income inequality on the rise in California, Governor Gavin Newsom today signed a bill by State Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) to prevent debt collection agencies from emptying out a consumer’s bank account and leaving people without any funds to cover day-to-day expenses.

Under Wieckowski’s SB 616, debt collectors must leave $1,724 in the account.  The bill is supported by legal aid providers, advocates for low-income consumers and statewide progressive organizations, who see the legislation as a key anti-poverty measure.

October 7, 2019

SACRAMENTO – California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senator Bob Wieckowski’s (D-Fremont) Senate Bill 187 to protect consumers with mortgages from abusive debt collection tactics.  The bill ends years of confusion and stops the debate as to whether mortgage holders fall under the same consumer protection umbrella as other debtors.

Lt. Gov. Kounalakis, other ambassadors support SB 267
October 3, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Beginning in January, Foreign Service Officers from California representing the United States abroad, and their spouses, will be able to get an extension for their driver’s licenses that will keep them valid for the duration of the time they are serving abroad.  Governor Newsom today signed Senate Bill 267, authored by Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont), which grants Foreign Service Officers the same license extensions as members of the military.

The Senator secured funding in the state budget to redesign the creek and improve the marsh, wildlife habitat
September 26, 2019

FREMONT – Supporters of a project to restore Alameda Creek and build up sediment near the baylands to address the threat of sea level rise joined Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) today for a ceremonial check presentation next to the creek.  Wieckowski championed the project in the Legislature and secured $31.4 million in funding.

An award-winner of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, the climate adaptation project addresses sea level rise
September 25, 2019

FREMONT – State Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) will deliver a ceremonial check Thursday morning for an Alameda Creek restoration project that will redesign 6.5 miles of the creek and channel to reconnect it to the baylands and balance the needs of people, fish, and wildlife.

SB 323 strengthens the integrity of elections and improves voting rights in the 50,000 HOAs in California
September 13, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Stronger oversight of elections in California’s more than 50,000 homeowner associations (HOAs) is one step closer to taking effect after the state Assembly approved SB 323 by Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont).  The bill will go to the Senate today for a concurrence vote.

SB 13 targets obstacles cited by HCD as barriers to creating more of the affordable units
September 13, 2019

SACRAMENTO ­– With bipartisan support, the state Assembly today approved an accessory dwelling units, often referred to as granny flats, bill that targets some of the biggest remaining barriers blocking their construction in California.  SB 13, authored by Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) is strongly supported by ADU advocates across the state.  

Wieckowski, Hertzberg's SB 707 would stop companies from gaming the rules in arbitration
September 11, 2019

SACRAMENTO – The state Assembly today passed a major arbitration reform bill to give workers and consumers several remedies when companies that have forced them into mandatory arbitration agreements obstruct those deliberations by refusing to pay the required arbitration fees.  SB 707, jointly authored by Senators Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) and Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys), now heads to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

September 10, 2019

SACRAMENTO – The state Assembly today approved a critical anti-poverty bill to ensure debt collectors leave at least $1,724 in a bank account, rather than taking the entire amount and leaving people with insufficient funds to cover day-to-day expenses.  The bill, SB 616, authored by Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) is supported by a large coalition of legal aid providers, advocates for low-income consumers and many progressive statewide organizations.  The bill goes to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

SB 518 prevents public agencies from shifting attorney costs onto public records requesters
September 9, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Advocates of a strong California Public Records Act (CPRA) achieved a victory today when the state Assembly approved Senate Bill 518 by Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) to prevent government agencies from transferring the costs of attorney’s fees onto public records requesters.