Senator Wieckowski selects SunWork as Senate District 10's NonProfit of the Year

June 8, 2022

SACRAMENTO — SunWork Renewable Energy Projects, a nonprofit working to make the adoption of solar power more economically practical for homeowners, preschools and other community organizations, is the NonProfit of the Year for Senate District 10, State Senator Bob Wieckowski announced today.

Sunwork, based in Milpitas, was recognized this afternoon at a ceremony at the state Capitol. It is one of more than 100 honorees selected by state legislators to be honored on California Nonprofits Day. The selected nonprofits address a diverse range of issues from climate change, food insecurity, at-risk youth, domestic violence, mental health, arts education and more.

“Addressing the threats posed by climate change is a primary focus of our state and we must continue aggressively transitioning to a clean energy economy by investing in renewable power and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Sen. Wieckowski, the chair of the Senate’s Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee on Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy. “Climate change can seem overwhelming at times, but Sunwork’s mission clearly shows that each of us can do our part to increase access to solar power and make a positive contribution with our time and commitment.”

Sunwork installs solar electricity systems in the Bay Area and the Central Coast to help customers with modest energy use make the switch to renewable power. It trains homeowners and volunteers to work on its projects to reduce expenses.

“The SunWork team — our amazing volunteers, customers, and staff — have been helping to chip away at the problem of carbon-polluting electricity generation for over a decade, one solar rooftop at a time.” said Founder and Executive Director Reuben Veek. “We've now installed over 5 megawatts of solar capacity across more than 1,000 preschools, shelters, meal centers, places of worship, nonprofit organization headquarters, and low-energy-use homes where solar won't pencil out without a reduced installation cost. It’s really rewarding to have this work and our team recognized as a 2022 Nonprofit of the Year, and we hope the visibility this honor provides will inspire others to find their own ways to help address climate change.”

A 2019 CalNonprofits report estimated that the nonprofit sector is the fourth-largest employer by industry in the state, employing more than one million workers. California nonprofits bring in $40 billion in revenue from outside of California, according to the report. 

The 10th Senate District stretches from southern Alameda County into parts of Santa Clara County.