California Senate delegation shares highlights of UN climate change conference

November 8, 2021

GLASGOW—The California Senate Delegation to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow met virtually with California-based reporters Monday to discuss their trip, how California continues to lead the nation and world in addressing the climate emergency and what they hope to learn and bring back to the Legislature for consideration in 2022.

While at COP 26, the Senate Delegation has convened with leaders from other countries and states to both share California’s success in combating climate change and learn new strategies to bring back home to California. Members of the delegation are in Scotland through November 12.

Selected quotes from the media availability are below and the entire availability can be watched here.

Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont):

“This conference is just so important for subnational [leaders] to get together, face-to-face, and talk about the issues in real-time.”

“We’re still leading, we’re still in the game. It’s really important morally for people to know that we have so many folks on the ground that are saying, ‘We’re doubling down on the climate work we’ve done.’ ”

Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys):

“California has an extraordinary brand, there’s a real interest in our efforts.”

“The urgency is greater than ever and what we see here is that there’s an unbelievable desire to learn… It’s really a two-way street: both us learning on the one hand and coming up with new ideas and meeting with folks in the private sector and the public sector. It’s quite important. But [we’re] also sending a global message that California, as part of the architecture of the United States of America, the second-highest emitter, is in all the way, committed to work hard.”

Senate Majority Whip Lena Gonzalez (D-Long Beach):

“We’re figuring out the port congestion issue, not just on the supply chain logistics and the economics of how we can recover from this crisis, but also on the emissions reductions that we need to be reducing yesterday.”

“As Chair of [Senate] Transportation, I’m looking at opportunities where the globe has really made some strong commitments to alternative fuels.”

Senator Josh Becker (D-Peninsula):

“California has led the country, we’ve led the world in many ways, but we know, and the reason we’re here, is we know we have to move faster.”

“Climate change is the biggest challenge we've ever faced. But it's also the biggest economic opportunity of our time.”

“We’re here to learn from other states and other countries what they’re doing that maybe we can bring back to California.”

Senator John Laird (D-Santa Cruz):

“There seems to be a greater sense of urgency here, that the world is hot and getting hotter and that time is short for taking strong action. The great thing about this is not just talking to others about the steps that California has taken, we are learning from others and trying to bring back the lessons to California.”