Senator Wieckowski’s Bills Signed Into Law This Session

December 19, 2019

SB 13    Advancing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

California is in a housing crisis. This housing burden is one of the most significant drivers of institutional and generational poverty cycles.  This law cuts exorbitant impact fees and reduces remaining barriers in order to encourage the safe, legal construction of more affordable ADUs.

SB 187   Helping Homeowners Fight Shady Mortgage Debt Collectors

This clarifies that the term “consumer debt” includes mortgage debt. It ensures mortgage servicers adhere to the same rules as any other debt collector under the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. It also removes a loophole that said attorneys could not be sued under the Rosenthal Act.

SB 267   Foreign Service Officers

The Foreign Service requires that officers maintain ties with their place of residency for taxes, voting, and other purposes.  Another connection for officers is to maintain a current state driver’s license. This law grants a more flexible extension on California driver’s licenses for Foreign Service Officers and their spouses.

SB 303   Safeguarding the Conserved

A conservatorship occurs when a judge appoints one person or entity to manage either, or both, the financial matters or personal care of an individual who is no longer able to manage her own affairs. This law requires a showing of clear and convincing evidence before removing a conservatee from her home or selling her home.

SB 323   Election Rights in Homeowner Associations

It is estimated that 25 percent of Californians live in homeowners’ associations, which are run by a volunteer board. Unfortunately, some board members bend or ignore the rules to maintain their power and control over the association by excluding those who seek to challenge the status quo and have a seat at the table.  SB 323 protects Californians’ voting rights in association elections.

SB 616   Limiting Bank Levies

In California, a debt collector can empty out your entire bank account. These seizures happen with little or no warning, leaving low income families without a way to pay for rent, food or other necessities, and forcing them to incur more debt just to get by.  SB 616 breaks the debt cycle, shields some money from collection, and gives struggling workers a fighting chance to improve their lot.

SB 707   Forced Arbitration Accountability Act

This law establishes a consistent and predictable process for all workers in California who are first denied access to court because of mandatory arbitration clauses and then denied any access to justice when the company intentionally refuses to pay arbitration fees. SB 707 ensures companies cannot have it both ways.