Senator Wieckowski's statement on U.S. withdrawing from Paris Agreement on climate change

November 4, 2019

FREMONT – State Senator Bob Wieckowski, who attended the 2015 COP 21 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, today released the following statement after the Trump administration announced it was officially withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.  The decision makes the United States, the world’s second-largest emitter, the only country to abandon the Agreement. 

While no surprise, today’s action by the Trump administration is another example of its complete abdication of global leadership on climate issues.  The rest of the world marches forward, investing in wind turbines, lithium-ion batteries, solar panels and other clean energy sources. Trump continues to push policies that will make the United States more reliant on fossil fuels, worsen air quality and contribute to climate change.  As temperatures continue to warm, and sea levels rise, the President offers nothing but baseless attacks on science.  He is blind to the clear and present danger our changing climate poses to California, the rest of the United States and the world.

“I am proud that California and so many other states and nations across the globe our working to confront climate change with action.  Although Trump wants to pull out of the Paris Accord, California will continue to stand with others in a united effort to confront this threat to humanity.”