Wieckowski, Cover highlight accessory dwelling units as a way to increase state's housing supply

Cover launches new backyard home planner tool for residents who want to build an ADU

March 2, 2018

GARDENA – State Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont), who is leading a successful statewide effort to reduce over-regulation of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), joined the founder of Cover, a Los Angeles-based technology company that designs and builds backyard homes, today to highlight their role in providing more affordable housing in California.

Wieckowski, a member of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, toured the factory of Cover and spoke about the need to further reform ADU regulations at a press conference attended by real estate agents, affordable housing advocates, local and state staffers, and people from the tech community.

“We have a housing crisis in California and allowing people to place a small addition in their backyard will increase the supply of more affordable homes at no cost to taxpayers,” Wieckowski said.  “These units are an important part of the overall solution to our crisis because they provide opportunities for people of all ages to stay in their communities rather than move away from their family, friends, work or school.  I am pleased to see Cover and other private sector companies help walk homeowners through the process of designing and building new units for their homes.”

At the press conference, Cover announced its latest tool to assist homeowners interested in ADUs.

“Today we’re launching a free tool to make it easier for homeowners in Los Angeles to explore what kind of backyard homes they can build on their property,” said Alexis Rivas, founder and chief executive officer of Cover. “Cover supports Senator Wieckowski’s efforts to ease the regulatory restrictions to build these backyard homes that provide homeowners a valuable source of passive income and contribute to California’s housing supply.”

Cover’s backyard home planner tool allows homeowners in Los Angeles to get an instant assessment on whether they could build a second unit on their property, and other details such as how big it can be, where in the backyard it can be built, and how much it will cost, Rivas said.

Wieckowski has successfully authored two ADU reform bills and is the author of Senate Bill 831, which would eliminate remaining excessive fees and increase the authority of the state Department of Housing and Community Development’s oversight of local ordinances.