Wieckowski to chair joint oversight hearing on ARB's Scoping Plan update

Will the plan's modeling and assumptions enable California to meet 2030 GHG reduction goals?

January 12, 2018

Sacramento – A joint oversight hearing of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and the Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation, chaired by Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont), will explore whether the California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) new Scoping Plan Update provides an accurate roadmap for achieving a 40 percent reduction from 1990 levels in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

“Experts say the state will meet the 2020 GHG reduction goals, but the target under SB 32 is even more ambitious,” Wieckowski said.  “With that in mind, and given the adverse impact an oversupply of allowances in the Cap and Trade Program can have on carbon reduction, it becomes critical that the ARB have accurate modeling and mechanisms in place to make appropriate adjustments as we move closer to 2030.  Those models should be transparent so the Legislature and independent experts can determine if we are staying on target to avoid the need for more drastic steps late next decade.  The Legislature should also be informed about any retrospective analyses ARB has conducted on prior Scoping Plans and the accuracy of prior assumptions. Climate change is the defining environmental issue of our time and this Scoping Plan needs thorough analysis.”   

The committees will hear testimony from ARB Chair Mary Nichols, Ross Brown of the Legislative Analyst’s Office, and Danny Cullenward of Near Zero.


WHO:             Sen. Bob Wieckowski and members of the Senate Environmental  Quality Committee and Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 2

WHAT:          Joint Oversight Hearing of the Air Resources Board’s Scoping Plan

WHERE:       California State Capitol, Room 3191

WHEN:          9:30 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018