Senator Wieckowski's statement on Cap and Trade

July 13, 2017

Sacramento – State Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) issued the following statement following today’s Senate Environmental Quality Committee vote on Cap and Trade.

“My top priority is extending Cap and Trade beyond 2020 to ensure California continues its role as a global leader in fighting climate change.  Although I would prefer a much more robust Cap and Trade program as spelled out in SB 775, the Governor’s proposal attempts to move us forward to 2030.

“The proposal ensures that California will continue to make needed investments into energy efficiency for homes, public transit, electric transit buses, charging stations and disadvantaged communities.  It also provides for a mid-decade report to the Legislature to include recommendations to ensure the state maintains its ability to reach its targets.

“Climate dividends were a cornerstone of my bill.  It is my hope and commitment that California’s Cap and Trade program continues to evolve towards a dividend to our residents most in need.  

“Passing Cap and Trade by a two-thirds vote will put the program on a sound legal foundation and eliminate some of the uncertainty that has plagued the system in the past.”