Senator Wieckowski and local artist highlight drought

Assemblage by Fremont artist and SB 789 bring awareness to need for water conservation efforts

June 25, 2015

Sacramento – Local artist Maureen A. Langenbach (Fremont) will add one more accolade to her illustrious and colorful career – a piece hanging in the State Capitol. “Don’t Let This Be The Last Drop” is an assemblage going on display on the Third Floor of the Capitol and will run through September 2016. The art work (photo attached) was selected by State Senator Wieckowski (D-Fremont) to represent Senate District 10.  The piece is part of a larger State Senate program to celebrate contemporary California and reflect the state’s rich diversity, culture, and its spectacular natural beauty. 

“Given the reality that the drought is not just a seasonal variance but part of a broader global climate change, Californians will have to come to the realization that there are long term ramifications from failing to modify their personal water use.  At the end of the day what remains is the question of our capability to adopt lifestyle changes in an ever changing environment,” said Langenbach.

With a degree in Art Education, Maureen Langenbach has painted with watercolor for over 30 years. Upon retirement, Langenbach has had more time to experiment with other mediums including assemblages, colored pencil, jewelry and oil pastel. Her art work has been exhibited throughout the East Bay, Bay Area, and greater Sacramento region.

Earlier this month, Wieckowski – Chair of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality – introduced SB 789 to allow local water authorities to levy an excise tax on excessive water users to fund critical water conservation measures. SB 789 would allow local water agencies to impose the tax at a rate not to exceed 300% of the purchase price of the water. All revenue will go directly to local water conservation efforts.

“I applaud Maureen Langenbach for creatively representing the impact of our devastating drought conditions and the need to take action.  My water conservation measure, SB 789, would allow local agencies to properly charge excessive users.  Wasting water in California right now is unconscionable and SB 789 provides local water agencies with one more tool to discourage excessive consumption,” said Wieckowski. 

Senator Wieckowski represents the 10th Senate District, which stretches from southern Alameda County to parts of Santa Clara County. He chairs the Senate Environmental Quality Committee, and serves on the Judiciary, Transportation and Housing, Insurance, and Business, Professions and Economic Development committees.