2013 Legislation

SB 12 - Made in California
Senate Bill 12 creates a "Made in California" program.  This statewide marketing label will be used to promote the high-quality products made here in the state.

SB 46 - Online Account Breach Notification
Senate Bill 46 builds on real-time notification requirements to add that someone may have obtained a person's username or email address, in combination with their account password or security questions and answers.

SB 64 - Clean Technology Investment Account
Senate Bill 64 creates the Clean Technology Investment Account.  The bill authorizes the Legislature to annually appropriate Cap and Trade Auction funds to the Account for the California Air Resources Board to award competitive grants to nonprofit organizations and regional technology alliances that accelerate new greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies to the marketplace and create jobs in California.

SB 107 - Sexual Assault Evidentiary Examination Reimbursement
Senate Bill 107 eliminates the sunset date on authorization to use federal grant funds to reimburse local law enforcement for the cost of forensic medical exams for victims of sexual assault.

SB 109 - Limousine Safety
Senate Bill 109 enhances limousine safety in California by requiring at least two rear side doors and two rear push-out windows that can be opened from inside the vehicle in case of an emergency.  The doors must be located on opposite sides of the vehicle and one must be toward the front of the vehicle.  The windows must also be on opposite sides of the vehicle.

SB 123 - Environmental and Land Use Court
Senate Bill 123 addresses public concern about increased delays and inconsistent rulings in environmental lawsuits by creating a specialized environmental and land-use court.  Judges trained in environmental and land-use law will preside over this new court division and hear California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) cases and other cases related to these topical issues.

SB 124 - Clean Energy Bid Preference
Senate Bill 124 requires state agencies and California State Universities, whenever they request proposals to purchase clean energy technology, to award a 5 percent preference to a bidder that certifies all of the parts of the device, technology or system for installation were manufactured in California.

SB 130 - Support for Victims / Witnesses
Senate Bill 130 expands the list of criminal charges in the Penal Code for which a victim that is also a prosecuting witness may have up to two support persons present in the courtroom while testifying for the prosecution of the enumerated offenses.

SB 204 - Prescription Label Translations
Senate Bill 204 requires pharmacists to use the translated standard directions for use currently available on the California Board of Pharmacy website when providing patients with translated directions in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Russian on their prescription medication labels, if requested.

SB 205 - 12-Point Font Prescription Labels
Senate Bill 205 requires pharmacists to print specific items on a prescription label in at least 12-point font to make it easier for patients to read.

SB 272 - Deceptive Advertising Using Military Emblems
Senate Bill 272 increases consumer protections against deceptive advertising by prohibiting non-governmental entities from using military insignias and emblems to sell products, goods or services or to promote events, without the consent of the federal or state military or Veterans Service Organization.

SB 292 - Sexual Harassment
Senate Bill 292 will add a needed clarification to existing law that an individual's sexual desire does not matter in sexual harassment lawsuits.

SB 359 - Clean Vehicle Funding
Senate Bill 359 provides funding to the Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) to ensure that vital clean vehicle projects have sufficient funding through the 2013-14 Fiscal Year.

SB 426 - Deficiency Protections
Senate Bill 426 clarifies and strengthens existing deficiency protections by prohibiting lenders from collecting on a deficiency resulting from a non-judicial foreclosure.  Deficiency protections prevent recourse by a lender after the loan has terminated due to a non-judicial foreclosure or short sale.

SB 454 - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Senate Bill 454 allows public electric vehicle charging stations to operate similar to gas stations by permitting drivers to use multiple payment methods to charge their battery, instead of having to pay a subscription fee or join a club, association or organization to pay for service.

SB 501 - Social Networking Websites Privacy Protections
Senate Bill 501 protects users of social networking websites by providing that a social networking Internet site must remove specific personal identifying information of a user within a defined time frame.  In the case of a minor under 18, the request of removal could originate from the minor's parent or legal guardian.

SB 556 - Accountability for Subcontracting
Senate Bill 556 provides that a person or entity that enters into a contract or agreement for labor or services with a contractor is liable for damages caused by the contractor or the contractor's employee for work performed under the contract if, at the time of the damage, certain circumstances existed that would cause a member of the public to believe that the contractor or the contractor's employee was an agent of the person or entity.

SB 648 - E-Cigarettes
Senate Bill 648 requires the regulation of e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and included in existing smoke-free laws.

SB 776 - Employer Credit Payments
Senate Bill 776 protects the wages and fringe benefits of workers on public works projects by clarifying the requirements for bona fide fringe benefits.

SCA 8 - Special Taxes for Transportation
Senate Constitutional Amendment 8 decreases the voter approval threshold for special tax funding local transportation projects from two-thirds to 55%.

SCA 9 - Special Taxes for Economic Development
Senate Constitutional Amendment 9 decreases the voter approval threshold for special tax funding economic development projects from two-thirds to 55%.


2012 Legislation

SB 12 - Bulk Sales
Senate Bill 12 eases business transactions in California by repealing the state's bulk sale law, as 47 other states have already done

SB 561 - Internet Crimes: Data Collection
Senate Bill 561 improves the collection of public safety data by collecting data on crimes generated from the misuse of private information obtained from the Internet. This data will raise awareness of the importance of combatting Internet-generated crimes and help the state adapt its law enforcement techniques, priorities, budgeting and training to account for the changing nature of these crimes and the use of new and evolving technologies

SB 708 - Funds Transfers
Senate Bill 708 clarifies existing law between interbank transfers. In doing so, it provides the certainty needed in financial transactions between businesses

SB 804 - Health Care District Assets
Senate Bill 804 provides the public with additional information about proposals to sell or transfer healthcare district assets to an outside entity. This will help local communities ensure that health care districts do not enter into contracts that reduce the health care district’s assets and financial security

SB 823 - Made in California
Senate Bill 823 establishes a standard definition for a product that is “Made in California”. SB 823 would help businesses that have made a conscious decision to embrace local manufacturing as a vital component of their business strategy

SB 825 - Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Properties
Senate Bill 825 provides crucial tenant protections for those renting a property that undergoes foreclosure. This bill continues the practice of requiring a form cover sheet whenever an eviction notice is served within one year after a foreclosure

SB 880 - Electric Vehicles
Senate Bill 880 builds on Senate Bill 209 (Corbett, 2011) by allowing EV owners to install an EV charger station without hindrance from a community interest development. SB 880 protects property rights and ensures that EV charger stations installed in association common areas benefit all association members who wish to use the station, and not a single owner

SB 1069 - Deficiency Judgments
Senate Bill 1069 extends a vital protection to homeowners who refinance their homes and later are foreclosed upon. SB 1069 protects homeowners from owing lenders more than the market value of their home upon foreclosure, even when the home has been refinanced. This important provision of state real estate law has existed since 1933 but has not applied to refinanced mortgages, a glaring loophole that has hurt thousands of Californians in recent years with the collapse of the housing market. For more information, please view our press release.

SB 1082 - Safe at Home Program
Senate Bill 1082 clarifies inconsistencies in the law and makes Safe at Home services more efficient and more effective. Specifically, this bill allows a minor previously in the Safe at Home program to stay in the program upon turning 18, and allows participants to remain in the program, even if they have left the state, until the statutory time of renewal

SB 1184 - Consumer Protection for Veterans
Senate Bill 1184 protects veterans from bad acting insurance agents who mislead seniors about the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits program and who charge seniors for services that the Veterans Administration (VA) offers for free. SB 1184 would prohibit insurance agents from associating with individuals or groups that are charging veterans to access veterans’ benefits, or from accepting any kind of financial incentive for referring veterans to the government’s benefits program

SB 1266 - Resource Conservation Lands: Appraisal Process
Senate Bill 1266 establishes best practices for the state purchase of lands for conservation purposes. In doing so, the bill ensures that potential purchases are thoroughly and uniformly reviewed and the state gets the best value for its dollar

SB 1271 - Seismically Safe Schools
Senate Bill 1271 requires key state officials that work on school seismic safety to review internal reforms made by the Division of the State Architect in response to a negative 2011 state audit, and to review deficiencies in California’s seismic safety policies and establish standards to improve them

SB 1289 - Private Student Loans
Senate Bill 1289 ensures that students at postsecondary institutions receive complete and understandable information on the types of loans available to them. Specifically, SB 1289 requires the financial aid offices of public, private, and independent postsecondary education institution’s to provide, on all printed and online materials, information on private student loans when included as part of a student’s financial aid package

SB 1352 - Child Advocacy Center
Senate Bill 1352 authorizes each county to establish a Child Advocacy Center and promotes multi-agency collaboration. The Child Advocacy Center is a central location for organizing activities of agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of cases relating to child abuse and neglect

SB 1377 - Timely Access to Reports of Abuse and Neglect of Persons with Disabilities
Senate Bill 1377 would clarify a protection and advocacy agency’s right to review reports of abuse and neglect of individuals with development and mental health disabilities without having to make a separate assertion of probable cause in each case. SB 1377 will lead to the more efficient and more responsive administration of state services

SB 1389 - Internet Safety
Senate Bill 1389 improves the collection of public safety data by providing a way for law enforcement to track the number of crimes stemming from the misuse of private information gathered from the Internet. By effectively quantifying the number of cyber crimes occurring in the state, SB 1389 will provide valuable information to aid law enforcement and policymakers in adapting their enforcement techniques, priorities, budgeting and training to combat the changing nature of the threats of the 21st century

SB 1480 - Wildlife Trapping
Senate Bill 1480 helps protect consumers when hiring a wildlife trapper and prohibits the most inhumane wildlife trapping practices. The number of animals that suffer or are needlessly killed or orphaned can be significantly reduced, and consumers can be better protected from unscrupulous and illegal business practices, with a few basic consumer protections.

SB 1539 - Student Textbooks
Senate Bill 1539 requires textbook publishers to provide price and content comparison information to faculty at public and private higher education institutions to help them choose the least expensive textbook for students that meets their course needs. By having textbook pricing information automatically available at the start of a transaction, faculty would be able to make an informed decision on what to purchase by comparing product prices and differences in content

SCR 64 - Irish American Heritage Month
Senate Concurrent Resolution 64 declares March 2012 as Irish-American Heritage Month, and recognizes the many contributions Irish-Americans have made in California

SCR 66 - Craft Brewery Month
Senate Concurrent Resolution 66 declares February 2012 as California Craft Brewery Month, and recognizes this important industry by memorializing the history of the California craft brewery movement

SCR 77 - Earthquake Preparedness Month
Senate Concurrent Resolution 77 declares the month of April 2012 as California Earthquake Preparedness Month, and encourages all Californians to engage in earthquake preparedness activities

SCR 96 - Philippine Independence Day
Senate Concurrent Resolution 96 recognizes June 12, 2012, as the 114th Anniversary of Philippine Independence, and calls upon the people of the state to observe the month of June with appropriate ceremonies, programs, and activities

SJR 17 - San Francisco Bay Restoration Act
Senate Joint Resolution 17 declares that the California State Legislature endorses federal legislation enacting the San Francisco Bay Restoration Act, and urges the U.S. Congress to pass it at the earliest possible time

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