Welcome to my special issue page devoted to the environment! As your representative, I work hard to protect our natural resources and to promote the growth of clean, energy efficient industries and technologies. Please find below a partial list of my environmental awards and recognitions, a list of resources that can help you and your family reach your own conservation goals, as well as summaries of my current environmental legislation.  

  • Green California Certificate of Appreciation - Environmental Champion, 2011
  • Environmental Working Group - Champion, 2010
  • California Product Stewardship Council, 2010 
  • California League of Conservation Voters - Environmental Leadership Award, 2010
  • Clean Water Action California - Clean Water Action Award, 2010
  • Citizens Against Waste - Legislator of the Year, 2008


  • SB 175 - Solar
    Senate Bill 175 (2011) creates California jobs by providing a 5 percent bid preference to companies that  install solar panels on state property if the company certifies they are using California manufactured solar panels. SB 175 supports the growth of clean, innovative industry in California and the manufacturing jobs it brings.

  • SB 209 and SB 880 - Electric Vehicles
    Senate Bill 209 (2011) protects homeowners in Common Interest Developments seeking to install a home charging station for their electric vehicles. Senate Bill 880 (2012) clarifies SB 209 and addresses the technical issues raised in the Governor's signing message, ensuring that electric vehicle legislation is strong and legally sound.

  • SB 515 - Battery Recycling
    Senate Bill 515 (2011) requires battery manufacturers to create and institute stewardship plans to deal with the end of life for their products. SB 515 will help local governments’ bottom lines by saving tax-payer money used to manage toxic battery waste, and will also create green jobs recycling and collecting batteries.  In addition, battery stewardship will help California’s environment by ensuring that battery waste is properly managed.

  • SB 1266 - Conservation Lands Appraisal Process
    Senate Bill 1266 (2012) establishes best practices for the state purchase of lands for conservation purposes. In doing so, the bill ensures that potential purchases are thoroughly and uniformly reviewed and the state gets the best value for its dollar.

  • SB 1480 - Trapping
    Senate Bill 1480 (2012) helps protect consumers when hiring a wildlife trapper and prohibits the most inhumane wildlife trapping practices. The bill also prohibits the lethal removal of endangered species of bats.