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Senator Corbett protects consumers from toxic chemicals

May 06, 2008

San Jose Mercury News

Plastics set off alarm

By Edwin Garcia
Mercury News Sacramento Bureau
Article Launched: 05/06/2008 01:34:51 AM PDT

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May 6:
Stanford researcher stumbled on potential chemical threat Limiting your exposure to BPA
SACRAMENTO - Responding to an unusually large number of consumer product recalls last year - many of them involving lead in everything from toys and candy to clothing and lunch boxes - several Bay Area lawmakers are pushi

Senator Corbett Apointed to Environmental Committee

April 25, 2008

Daily Review

Local Dem gets committee seat

Ellen Corbett to serve role in environmental quality group, monitoring pollution


SACRAMENTO - State Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro, has been appointed to the Senate's environmental quality committee, her office announced Wednesday.
As a member of the committee, she will now review bills relating to such environmental issues as air quality, water quality, waste management, toxic materials and hazardous waste.

Senator Corbett's Fill the Boot Law Works

April 25, 2008

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Firefighters back to filling boots - and new law means they won't violate anti-panhandling ordinance

Sally Connell

When uniformed San Luis Obispo firefighters gather at Higuera and Chorro streets Saturday carrying rubber boots to collect money to fight muscular dystrophy, it will be their first street-corner fundraising in two years.
A new state law excludes public safety personnel such as firefighters from local ordinances that prohibit panhandling on sidewalks or highway medians.

Senator Corbett speaks out against education cuts

April 07, 2008

Tri-Valley Herald

Tri-Valley rallies decry proposed budget cuts

Article Created: 04/05/2008 02:34:04 AM PDT

Democratic state lawmakers and local education officials held two rallies at Tri-Valley schools Friday to oppose budget cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The first was held during lunch at Smith Elementary in Livermore, with state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata of Oakland and Sens. Tom Torlakson of Antioch and Ellen Corbett of San Leandro attending.

State Senator Corbett names Moina Shaiq Woman of the Year

March 17, 2008

The Argus

Muslim community leader honored
State senator names Moina Shaiq Woman of the Year
By Matthew Artz, STAFF WRITER
Article Created: 03/17/2008 02:30:53 AM PDT

FREMONT - It's not easy keeping up with Moina Shaiq.
One day after state Sen. Ellen Corbett named the 49-year-old Fremont resident Woman of the Year, she was up at the crack of dawn, attending a fundraising breakfast for the Tri-City Homeless Coalition, which she serves as vice president.

SB 1313 will ban toxic chamicals from food packaging

March 14, 2008

Central Valley Business Times

Bill would ban 'Teflon chemicals' in food packaging


March 4, 2008 3:00am

A bill to ban the use of chemicals used to make Teflon from being used in fast food packaging is making its way through the California Legislature.

French-fry containers, pizza boxes and many other types of food packages have stain-proof or grease-proof linings made with perfluorochemicals, called PFCs for short.

Perfluorochemicals and their precursors have been used in the manufacture of stain-

Senator Corbett works adds 50 judges by 2010

March 14, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

Bill aims to add 50 judges by 2010 -- 13 of those for Inland courts

04:22 PM PDT on Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sacramento Bureau

SACRAMENTO - Legislation to allocate another 13 judges to overloaded Inland courts cleared its first committee Tuesday, even though lawmakers recently postponed two earlier rounds of added judgeships because of the state's budget problems.

The bill by state Sen.

Senator Corbett Aims bill at Food Packaging

March 14, 2008

San Leandro Times

Corbett Aims Bill At Food Packages
By : Amy Sylvestri : 3/13/08

State Senator and former Mayor of San Leandro Ellen Corbett has been busy at the capital, backing legislation that would ban toxins from food packaging. She also selected the Woman of the Year for the 10th District.

This week, the senate's environmental quality committee will hear Corbett's SB 1313 legislation to ban toxic chemicals in food packaging.

Channel 5 works to get stores to comply with SB 250

March 12, 2008


CA Law Forces Retailers To Give Gift Card Refunds

Click here for video.

More Questions on Gift Card Law

February 12, 2008
San Jose Mercury News

Action Line: Retailer seeks update on gift certificates
By Dennis Rockstroh
Article Launched: 02/09/2008 01:35:14 AM PST

Q Thank you for all your help with the new gift certificate law.
As a retailer myself, I have some questions and going online has been unsuccessful.

San Jose
A I am not a lawyer, L.B., so I will attempt to answer your questions in my role as consumer advocate.

Q If I sell my customer a gift certificate for $10, can the recipient bring it in, not purchase an

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